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neutral/ground bar in breaker panel

"Ive run a new line to a bedroom I am renovating and there is space in the panel for a breaker but when I opened the box there is only one open lug on the neutral/ground bar ( its a small older panal with only the one bar- no ground bar) I am running romex so I need a ground. Is there anything I can do short of changing the panel?
Can I run the neutral wire to the open lug and the wigtail the ground wire with another groundwire on the bar?



Re: neutral/ground bar in breaker panel

You can put more than one wire on the same lug. Just make sure it's tight.

Re: neutral/ground bar in breaker panel

Well, to split hairs here NEC 110.14 (A)...........

"Terminals for more than one conductor and terminals used to connect aluminum shall be so identified."

Not to say I've never done it. On the last house I sold the buyers inspector caught it and I had to change it.

Most any hardware store sells add on, or, supplemental ground/neutral bar kits.

Re: neutral/ground bar in breaker panel

You can put more that one Grounding conductor under a lug, (bare or green). Only one grounded conductor(white or gray usually) per terminal, or lug. Go to supply house, Lowe's or the Depot and buy a ground bar for your type of panel. Follow the instructions, and use it.

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