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Need to seal gap along bottoms of old garage doors

I have an old, detached, two-car garage whose doors are one-piece metal slabs. The door sweeps were flat rubber strips with a bead along the top edge. They were inserted into metal strips that are permanently attached along the bottom edges of the door fronts. (See the attached images.) These old sweeps have crumbled away, leaving 1" - 1.5" gaps along the bottoms of the doors. Leaves and dirt easily blow from the alley into the garage through these gaps.

I cannot afford to replace these doors at this time. I am also not willing to spend a tremendous amount of time or effort on a solution.

If anyone can point me to a replacement source for the rubber sweeps or has a brilliant idea for a substitute, please post it!

Re: Need to seal gap along bottoms of old garage doors

There are several places where you can buy the replacement seal for those metal attachment & never have to replace the garage doors just for that reason. The seals are very reasonably priced & easy to attach.
Try looking at a good sized hardware store for the seals. Where I live I found the seal I needed at Lowe's, Orchard Supply Hardware & Home Depot. Since I have internet access I did my price comparisons online. But, I also could have ordered the seal & had it sent directly to my home.
I think you'll be able to find the seal you want easily this way.


Re: Need to seal gap along bottoms of old garage doors

Can you describe the seals or name the brands or manufacturers?

I've already searched all over the Web and been to all the building supply and hardware stores in town, including Home Depot and Lowes. (We don't have an Orchard Supply here.) I've seen a lot of sealing solutions, but none that will work with my garage doors.

Telling me to do all the obvious things doesn't help. I wouldn't be asking this question here if I hadn't already exhausted the possibilities that I know about. Give me some specific information!

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