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Need to replace tub surround


The upstairs tub is showing wear in three areas of the one piece acrylic unit. We think it's original to the house which makes it 28 or 29 years old. To save some money we were thinking of doing the work ourselves. BUT, when you stand in the tub you can feel three pieces of wood under the tub and that's also where the acrylic appears to be cracking. Does anyone know if that's normal installation and if it's an easy job to change it to a better installation? The floor is also large square tiles and I am wondering if they will crack easily when removing and replacing the tub.

Thanks so much!

A. Spruce
Re: Need to replace tub surround

What you are proposing is not a job for someone without a working knowledge of plumbing and home repair. Is this a complicated job, no, not really, but there is more to it than just ripping out the old and sliding in the new. I would recommend finding a local professional to at least consult with, if not do the work for you.

Re: Need to replace tub surround

Spruce's right, sometimes when you want to save money, you make mistakes or cause unpredictable damages, and you end up spending more money.

If you haven't done a thing like this, don't try it now. There are a few things that can go wrong. Hire a contractor who's insured and bonded.

Re: Need to replace tub surround

Thank you, I think you're right.

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