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Need to relocate forced hot water (baseboard) radiator - Help


I will be opening up a wall in my eat in kitchen / dining area to put in a french door and small patio. The kitchen area has no baseboard heaters - it is all in the dining area. The combined room is about 11 feet x 23 feet. The total length of the current forced hot water radiators is about 17 feet. Once they cut out for the door, I will lose about 6 or so feet of the baseboard on one wall.

Living in Massachusetts, I am concerned that removing this much radiator will result is lousy heating of this space in winter. These are 1959 baseboard radiators, so they work fine but I figure they are not as efficient as ones manufactured today.

Anyone have a suggestion on how to solve this problem. I prefer not to put in stand alone heaters in the room and hope I can do something with the baseboard radiators I have left after the door installation to make up for the loss of heating from the removed sections.

Any help is appreciated.


Re: Need to relocate forced hot water (baseboard) radiator - Help

Thanks for the info, John. I will look into more efficient units.

One more question: Would you recommend considering a below the floor setup for a residential application (hydronic floor box). I hear these things collect dust and can create a bit of an odor. I also wonder how you can install this without getting into too much of a problem with the floor joists (figure you have to cut a few to put this in so not sure whether this would be worth the cost or risk to the floor structure.

Thanks Again.


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