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Need to raise a toilet.

Situation: Home is on slab construction, and toilet was floor-mounted by an idiot with minimal slope on sewage pipe.

Would it work to replace the toilet flange with a deep bodied flange? I found one with a 4" depth to fit a 4" pipe on http://www.plumbingsupply.com/toiletflanges.html.

Is any structure available to raise the toilet accordingly, or would I have to build it up with concrete?

What is available if I need to raise it farther?

Do you have any other suggestions? Hopefully, I won't have to re-do the entire sewer pipe. The water table here sometimes rises to only 16 inches below the surface.
Any help would be appreciated,

Re: Need to raise a toilet.

I don't see how raising the toilet is going to help a sewer line that doesn't have the proper pitch.


Re: Need to raise a toilet.

It's borderline. I think it has enough but no extra.

Re: Need to raise a toilet.

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Re: Need to raise a toilet.

But do you have a helpful repair suggestion for this?

Re: Need to raise a toilet.

Unless you intend to break up the slab for renovation access to at least some of the underslab sewer line, raising the toilet will do litte, if anything, to improve the drain system performance.

Your problem, as you describe it, is that the horizontal line has insufficient slope--raising the toilet will only increase the short vertical riser, and the real problem won't be helped.

Re: Need to raise a toilet.


Re: Need to raise a toilet.

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