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need to lower ceiling in bathroom

we want to drywall our small bathroom but the ceiling is almost 9feet we want to drop it down to 8 feet to make drywalling the sides easier. Does any one know how to frame the ceiling so we can accomplish this. the ceiling is only 4x7 so it will only take the one sheet of drywall but can't figure how out to frame the ceiling so it will be supported?

Re: need to lower ceiling in bathroom

It's easily done but quite frankly seems like extra work. It's just as easy to leave the dimensions as is.

For a 9 ft wall you can easily use 4x8 drywall by hanging them horizontal --- at the seam install a 1 foot strip --- hang the next sheet horizontal --- you have your 9 feet.

Because the seam would be taped and mudded anyway having the 1 foot strip in this location will blend in better.

Otherwise if you feel you need to drop the ceiling ........
measure down from the ceiling ---- fasten a 2x4 all around the perimeter to the wall studs ---- cut your new joists to fit and fasten in place evenly spaced.

Re: need to lower ceiling in bathroom

Way too much work. You could even get a 4 x 12 sheet of drywall and cut it at 9 feet - therefore only one piece od drywall per wall. As cheap as drywall is one 3 x 4 piece of scrap is nothing.

A. Spruce
Re: need to lower ceiling in bathroom

Yup! Drywall only, hung in either manner mentioned above will be far easier than trying to lower the ceiling. It will be cheaper too, since you won't be investing in framing material, etc.

Re: need to lower ceiling in bathroom

as the others stated.. your probably just overthinking it dont worry it happens to all of us

i go into that blank state every once and a while when installing trim and cant figure out where to start my baseboard in a room or what my layout will be for closet shelves. both things ive done a thousand times but the brain just doesnt want to function that day

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