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need to cut through stone slab foundation

We are planning to replace our old oil fired steam boiler with a new energy efficient (Hallowell Acadia) heat pump w/central air. Obviously, we need to install an entire new duct system. Our house(around 1880)has a stone foundation with large stone slabs on top of the stone. There are a couple places where we need to get access to run the new ducts into a crawl space. The slabs are about 18" high and 6 or 8" thick. Is there a good way to do this, such as a rented diamond blade power saw? The ones I have seen are gas powered and are probably too large for the tight quarters we will be working in. Also, what type of tradesman would do this kind of work? Thanks for any info!

Re: need to cut through stone slab foundation

Check around for a contractor that does concrete core drilling.
You might even be able to rent core bits to do this yourself.

Re: need to cut through stone slab foundation

Ditto what bsum said---also check the Yellow Pages under "Concrete Cutting/sawing".

If you want to try diy,
Home Depot sells a 7" diamond saw blade for $45 that fits onto a standard circular saw---cuts thru stone very quickly--wear goggles & leather gloves---follow the instructions on the blade package, not allowing the blade to get too hot & squirting water onto the cut periodically.

You may have to combine the diamond saw cutting with the rental @ HD of a Hilti demolition tool that will break up the stone once you cut thru with the saw blade.

Re: need to cut through stone slab foundation

the suggestions may be helpful but the part that makes it more difficult for the regular home owner will be the thickness of the wall. a regular 7 inch saw blade will actually only cut somewhere between 2 to 3 inches so on an 8 inch thick wall even cutting from both sides even if you get them perfectly matched it still won't cut all the way through. you will probally have to go with the suggestion of going with a demolition contractor who does concrete cutting, we have a concrete saw that looks like a chain saw on steroids and works off of a hydraulic pump these will allow it to be cut through from one side and can even make square holes. these are the kind of tools though which would be too expensive to buy for just an occasional use.

though I would try what jack said because if it is only 6 inches thick then you can save some money because these demo contractors usually aren't cheap and the dewalt diamond sawblade is I believe at lowes around 32 dollars for a 7 inch

Re: need to cut through stone slab foundation

Thanks an awful lot for the info. I have been in touch with a local concrete cutter and he is going to take a look at the job. If not, I'll probably go the Home Depot rental route.
Again, Thank You for the excellent replies.

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