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Need some ideas on how to fix old steps

I have a little house in the Black Hills of S.D. It is about 60 years old. There's about 40 concrete steps up to the house. They are broken, crumbling and generally unsafe.
I wass thinking of replacing them with metals steps.
I just don't know.
What do you thinkk?

Re: Need some ideas on how to fix old steps

Built correctly (with rebars), concrete steps can give you many decades of good service.
- They are economical.
- They are durable and long lasting.
- They are attractive.
- They are versatile: you can finish them in various ways (smooth finish, stampped, with bricks, ets.).

I like them better than metal steps for an entry to a house. The railing can be metal.

Metal stairs are for fire escapes, they also rust and need more maintenance.

Why don't you look at pictures in landscape books and other sources to get ideas? At the end of the day, it's your call.

Re: Need some ideas on how to fix old steps


So many steps (40) can make it difficult for visitors & residents to get to & from the house.

Can you post any photos???? Try clicking onto FAQ & follow the instructions-----if you don't have the equipment to upload the photos, you can use the computer system at the local library to do so.

Broken steps are a hazard to visitors or anyone trying to use the steps & can result in nasty legal action if anyone slips & falls---there must also be hand railings for more than 2 steps.

40 steps means that the height from the street to the entryway is approx 25'---it would be expensive, but there are ways to eliminate most of the steps by building a driveway-type retaining wall where visitors & residents could access the front entry with a few or no steps to climb.

In the meantime, it's not that hard to repair concrete steps as a DIY project.

Photos please!

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