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need some help please

We are remodeling an older home. i asked my grandson to re stain the trim around the windows and doors. I told him to paint the stain on, and then wipe it down.
he decided he liked the color of the stain, and did not wipe it down. now i have tacky trim that isn't drying.
Any suggestions on how to fix this?

A. Spruce
Re: need some help please

The product label should have clean-up instructions on it. If the label is illegible, go to the manufacturer's website and print the instructions out.

Re: need some help please

I would do some research on the wood stain information whether it be through their website or a local retailer that can help you to fix the problem of the stain he applied…there has got to be some solution! Good luck!

Re: need some help please

I need help understanding what you're saying.

You asked your grandson to paint the stain on the window trims and then wipe it down? Then he didn't do it as you asked (grandchildren rarely do) - and now you have tacky trim that wouldn't dry?

Can you re-phrase your question?

Re: need some help please

It seems that stain pigments were left on the surface when the vehicle dried, so that a wipe-down with the recommended product was for cleaning your tools afterward would also remove this. Try an old T-Shirt or similar lint-free tightly woven cloth fairly dampened with that thinner and see what happens. Dry with similar cloth. Don't leave it wet again or it may wash the stain out of the wood leaving you back where you started!


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