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MLB Construction
need some advice

we're removing a chimney on a roof with a 12/12 pitch. we have to build a chute from the peak of the roof to just over the gutter/eave, about 15'-17' long. my first thought was to get a 12" PVC pipe and cut it in half. only issue is how much a 12" PVC pipe costs. we thought we might just build a trough with 2x4's and line it with something. that's the problem, what do we line it with so that the bricks will easily slide down and not get torn up in the process.

other notes...

don't have room to use a boom lift
access to the roof is on the opposite side from the dumpster
height from the driveway to the eave (distance the bricks will free fall) is 24'
no ground around the house is level, it slopes down from front to back
can't use staging
we already have safe access to the top of the house from the other side
roof is 1 year old and owner is concerned with too much walking on the shingles (rightly so)
we looked at getting the extendable trash chutes but they're too big and clumsy

anyone have any ideas?

Re: need some advice

Contact a scaffold company like SunBelt check on the trash shoot you can even change directions with it.

Re: need some advice

I've seen this done with 2x's and old sheet metal, and aluminum fascia roll when it was cheap. I've seen old ducts used for this- they can be half rusted and still work well. Basically anything slick which the debris won't eat through can serve for the 'liner' using wood framing, even old vinyl siding if you use a heat gun and make a "V" shape. The trick is to never think within the box when you have an unusual situation- anything that will work will do and the less it costs you the better!


MLB Construction
Re: need some advice

perfect idea, thanks master......i have a few rolls of aluminum. mad at myself for not thinking of that.

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