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Need quick answer

I have just finished with removing old insulation and the new doesn't have the moisture paper on the back that is against the drywall once the drywall is up. I have been told that the walls in this den that are on the outside of the house would need a moisture barrier like a 6 mil plastic sheet stapled to the 2x4 studs before drywall goes up.

Two questions

I am assuming that this is pulled tight. Is this correct?

I also after rebuilding one of the outside walls am wanting to put house wrap under the siding. I replace an old window and built the wall to hold two smaller windows. I have all the window dressing but was going to use house wrap also would this be overkill for the Chattanooga TN area or is it ok to use both.

I heard the house has to breathe but I have read different things from different areas. I did goto Lowes and they said that normally you would just need one or the other but could use both an no issues would occur. What is your take?

Area: East TN area ( warm summers, cold to mild winters)

Re: Need quick answer

I would not stretch the plastic tight, in fact a little slack, or d**** could be a good thing as it will help keep it from tearing due to expansion and contraction. The vinyl expands and contracts more than the wood.

Keep the insulation as close to the inside wall as possible, if there is to be a gap, it should be on the exterior side, not the interior side. Do this vapor barrier whether or not you do the house wrap.

The house wrap is not a vapor barrier. It is a wind and water barrier, but it allows the wall to expel vapor, so it is a good idea to use it. It does breath.

When you install the batts, leave a part of them about a 1/4" proud of the studs. d**** the plastic over the batts and it should also stand about a 1/4" proud of the studs at their highest point. When you put up the drywall, it will finish pushing the vinyl and insulation into place and the plastic should have just about the right amount of slack in each bay for expansion and contraction.

The high point in the batts and the plastic should be close to the center of the bay.

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