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Need Porch Paint

What's the best paint for porches? I have a porch that gets a lot of water puddling after it rains. Old paint is latex but I hear oil based urethane is best. Any suggestions?

Re: Need Porch Paint


There are pros and cons to both. I assume that your porch is of tongue and groove decking.
Urethane is certainly the more resistent to standing water. However, urethanes are very hard, moisture impervious and brittle. If the tongue and groove is subjected to expansion and contraction with heat and humidity variations, the boards can form cracks at their seams and allow water to enter the wood. If this happens, some peeling is a likely result as the water vapor tries to get out.

I would also caution that urethanes, especially gloss, become extremely slippery when wet. If you go the urethane route, I would consider some traction grit additive, at least on the stair treads and nosings.

The pros for acrylic paints: they breathe much better than oil paints, should water make its way into the wood. They will more likely allow water vapor to pass through the film without causing it to peel. Acrylics are also much more color fast than oil paints. Obviously, most homeowners prefer to work with water based paints rather than with oil paints because of fast drying and easy clean up.

One pro for urethanes is that, should peeling occur, urethane is much easier to sand and feather out than is acrylic. Acrylic tends to clog the sandpaper and not feather out. The urethane does not readily clog sandpaper and the edges smooth out well.

If you have been having good results with the acrylic, I would stay with it.

If your porch is of deck construction, i.e. 2x6's on joists, I would definitely stay with an acrylic paint or solid hide acrylic stain.

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