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Need more storage

Hi guys. I am looking for some blueprints and material lists for a small garden shed. 8x8 or 8x10 would work the best. Does anyone know of where I can find some simple plans?

Timothy Miller
Re: Need more storage

consider Handy Man Mag or fine home building past issues have some great examples...

Re: Need more storage

If you know how to frame you can build one from scratch and save money. Otherwise, you can buy a kit and just assemble it over a weekend.

I prefer to build them from scratch over a slab. I even put on roofs and paint them to match the house.

Just select an area with good drainage.

A. Spruce
Re: Need more storage

'Tis spring, every home and garden magazine is going to have shed plans. A simple internet search should turn up a number of free plans.

As for construction, you won't save yourself much if any money to build your own over buying a kit or a prefab'd one from a dealer. What you WILL get by building your own is a better quality shed (if you care to use good quality materials ), as well as the satisfaction of building it yourself.

Sheds can be built on a slab or on pressure treated runners and piers, depending on what you want to do. Keep in mind that when a shed is unattached to the ground (skids and piers ) that it is considered a temporary structure and not generally under permit regulations. Build it on a slab and it becomes a "permanent" structure which may indeed require permits.

Re: Need more storage

Thanks for the ideas guys. I'll do some more surfing and check some mags see if I can find any to suit my needs. I would love to build from scratch it is how I was raised. Dad taught me everything I need to know on building a solid structure. My husband on the other hand and I are at odds with the amount of material. He wants to skimp on stuff (like using only 4 studs per 10' wall) I want to do it right with 16" centers.

We want to put this up on cinder blocks as we have the blocks already and it is cheaper. I have the ability to anchor the structure so it will look like it's on more of a slab. Just have to decide exactly where we are going to put it.

A. Spruce
Re: Need more storage

To go 16" centers is way overkill, but as far as costs are concerned you're looking at maybe $20 for a few extra 2x.

Re: Need more storage

If you build an 8x12 shed, you will maximize the use of materials as most sheathing comes in 4x8 sheets. Also, the slightly larger size makes an 8 foot high wall not look out of proportion to the footprint of the shed. Standard size entry doors and windows also look in proportion.

Shortly after moving to my new house several years ago, I immediately built a shed. Short of the concrete foundation, the materials cost was only about $1200. The sheathing was 5/8ths plywood with Handiplank siding to match my house. The slab was professionally poured at the same time as the patio was laid, so I am not sure what that cost was by itself.

I do think you get more bang for the buck by building it yourself. I look at the pre-fab sheds at the local big box store and know I can do better as to size and quality, but it does require some carpentry skills,a few basic tools and a few days of your time.

In my town, there were very few shed building restrictions. I only had to stay back 5 feet from my lot line and not exceed a certain height. Obviously, you should check with your local building department to make sure you don't get in trouble.

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