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Need Info On Cement Properties

Greetings All,
Four months ago I had a contractor build a new concrete front stairway and landing to the main entrance door. The landing is 4 1/2' long with 6 steps. My problem...in the time that has passed,
the landing is starting to show hairline fractures about 12" to 24" long. Also the steps have nickel size craters where the "skin" flaked out and these are 1/8" deep. In the Chicago land area where I live, winter and these problems do not go well together. Frost wedging is what destroyed the original stairs. I'm having the contractor come back to see these problems and need to be armed with information as to why his work is doing this. BTW, the stairs were poured in May, it's now September. They haven't even seen winter yet. :mad:
Thanks In Advance, Dv

Re: Need Info On Cement Properties

Hard to say exactly what the problems are ... based on your descriptions I would have to suspect the installation and finishing techniques that were done.

It may be there was water added to the mix at the time of pour or at the time of finishing ..... perhaps water sprayed on top or troweling in bleed water during final finish dilutes the amount of cement available in the top most layer where it's needed the most.
The first 7 days are important for proper cure of the concrete and if done improperly can cause future problems.

Depends .... sight unseen.

Re: Need Info On Cement Properties

Thanks for the quick reply Canuk. Others that I have spoken to have pretty much said the same, the conditions of the mix at finishing and even the time of day the concrete was delivered. ie late day deliveries equal a mix that has been rolling in the drum of the truck for almost 6 hrs. I did not see the pour or the finishing, had to be at work. The 2nd day after though it rained for two days, uncovered. ???
Well, thanks for your input in a very grey area.

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