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need hinge help!

I'm refinishing my older kitchen cabinets and need new hinges. I'm pretty inexperienced with hinges and have a few questions. Our cabinets are not pre-routed for inset hinges and they are a partial overlay.
1. Will self closing hinges slam loudly? I seem to hear mixed reviews about it.
2. any way to have hidden hinges without being inset? I'd like the hinges to be as subtle as possible.

Re: need hinge help!

it depends on how much your looking to spend on hinges

blum makes self closing european hinges that have a mechanism in them which makes the door slow down as is closes with virtually no slamming, their pricier than most other makes but the blum is the best on the market

A. Spruce
Re: need hinge help!

You can also install self stick felt tabs on the doors to keep them from slamming wood on wood. This helps a great deal. As far as concealed hinges go, there are many different kinds available. I'd start with an online search to see if you can find one that will do what you want it to do, then work on sourcing them. Best places locally to source such things would be at a wood workers supply or cabinet materials wholesale supplier.

Re: need hinge help!

If you have rabbited doors (meaning that around the edge of the door is cut so that the door sits partially in the cabinet opening while still overlaying the cabinet face frame) then your choices for concealed hinges (European Hinges) are limited. Rockler Woodworking sells a hinge that will work in this situation but I have not used them and they are not cheap. You can check them out at http://www.rockler.com/product.cfm?page=17284. If your doors are not rabbited and just overlay the face frame there are a lot more options for European Hinges. Like A. Spruce said little felt bumpers will aide in quieting down doors that are closed with self closing hinges. Most hinges you buy include a pair for each door. One thing to consider if you currently have hinges that are screwed to the fronts of the face frames you will end up with holes that you will need to fill. Hope this helps you out.


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