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need help with toxic mold odor and source

Hi, I need help urgently, have 8 months old baby living in the house with toxic mold odor. No visible mold was found. Had air samples taken and lab reports show toxic mold - stackybotrys. Removed carpeting through out the house, no mold was found. Had a contractor wipe down the floors with biocide and run air scrubber for 2 days. Air samples were taken after the cleanup was performed-las report shows no mold in air. Moved back in the house. Smell comes from basement to first floor. Cut out drywall to see if anything behind the walls - no mold found. Thermal imaging done - nothing was found in the house. Running out of ideas. Done everything home inspectors or contractors suggested. Already spent more than $10K, but still no success. Is it possible to have somebody from old house come and take a look at the situation at my place? Please help!! getting health issues now. Thanks for any help in advance.

Timothy Miller
Re: need help with toxic mold odor and source

Hi this mold is black slimy and grows in very moist environments like the refrigerator. some times showers but what was the reading level of the test compared to outside air? It is real bad if you eat. It is unusual that it shows up high on an air test. It may be sewer gas have you ran water in all the plumbing fixtures p traps ? do that see if odor goes away. Common for seldom used sinks showers and tubs to have the water in the p trap evaporates this then allows sewer gas into the house. What is on the basement floor? is the basement finished has any water came into the basement?

Re: need help with toxic mold odor and source

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Do you have a wooden patio or wooden front steps up to your house? I had a moldy smell in one of my rooms whenever I opened a window and I could never figure out where the smell was coming from. It turned out there was wood rotting out under my front steps and the smell was coming into the house. Once that was repaired the odor went away. The moldy smell could be coming from something outside.

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