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Need HELP with patching a large wallboard hole!!!

I have an older home and the former owner cut very large rectangular holes up near the ceiling. I have watched the video on how to patch wallboard, BUT there isn't any room to use the 1 X 3 wood strapping going up and down, it hits the ceiling.... My question is, to patch these, I cannot cut any more wallboard...can I do the 1 X 3 going lengthwise? If so, do I still use (2) wood strapping? Or can I do one straight across? If I do this, adding 3 inches would be about 30" long. HELP! I have never done wallboard before and I want it to turn out right. Thanks!:eek:

A. Spruce
Re: Need HELP with patching a large wallboard hole!!!

The point of the wood backer is to give you something to attach the patch to as well as reinforce the joints. If you can't cut the drywall to the centerline of a stud, then attach the wood backer to the side of the stud (or bottom of the top plate if it's that close to the ceiling ). If wall framing isn't available to attach the wood backers to, then you can carefully screw the backers to the existing drywall. You do this by holding the backer behind the drywall and screwing through the face. Go slow and use care so that you don't weaken or break up the edge of the existing drywall. Once you've got the backers in place you cut your patch and screw it in place. The backer doesn't have to be 1x3, it can be 1x2 or even strips of 1/2" or thicker plywood.

Re: Need HELP with patching a large wallboard hole!!!

Spruce has given good advice. The only thing I might add is- If it is 27" horizontal hole there should be at least one vertical stud to attached to...

You really need to have something to stabilize the patch pieces in the wall and something to hold it in place while the joint compound dries. One trick that helps hold the patch in the wall is to trim the edges of the patch and the hole so that they are tapered from front to back. This way, when you place the patch in the hole the tapered edges help to hold it in place. I wish I had a picture to make it clearer but basically the outside of patch would be about 1/2" bigger than the inside of the patch.

You would still need some kind of other support on the back for a patch this large.

Do you have a picture or the hole?

Re: Need HELP with patching a large wallboard hole!!!

If it's a large hole you will need two furring strips. You can run them horizontally, vertically or even diagonally.

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