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Need help!! I need to remove cat smell

Sorry this might be off topic.

My cat is getting old and peeing everywhere. grrrr!

I need to remove cat pee odor from a carpet. Does anyone no a good product or household remedy to remove cat pee from carpet?

thanks in advance.


Re: Need help!! I need to remove cat smell

I know what you are going through, our cat just turned 18 years old (90 in cat years)and we are experiencing the same thing. First make sure the kitty litter box is large enough for the cat, not these little pans they sell in the grocery store. Our cat weighs 25 lbs. (big boy)and we bought a "small mortar pan" used by bricklayers. This gives him plenty of room even if the aim is bad. The other thing is we have the pan on an area that has linoleum. We cover the linoleum with a few layers of paper towels for absorption and easy cleanup. The main product we use for cleanup is a product called Resolve. It can be found in the grocery store, its for carpet cleaning. Another product is called Greased Lightning again found in a grocery store. Hope this helps.

Calcats ;)

Re: Need help!! I need to remove cat smell

My aunt had been using pet odor remover by Equate or Dolgen but it wasn't working. We have Odor Remover from Chem Dry as well as Stain Extinguishers from Chem Dry to take care of our pet odors around here.

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Re: Need help!! I need to remove cat smell

You might consider discussing this with your vet and looking into addressing the problem with some suppliments if the two of you are certain that the issue is not behavioral. There are some things you might try to address behavioral and physical limitation issues also. Narrowing down if this is a responsive behavioral issue, a physical problem (urinary tract issue, mobility issue), accidents or other might be a little tricky.

You might also want to look into making kitty potty places more accessible for the aged cat and locating an additional litter box where the cat has been urinating.

As mentioned keeping the added litter boxes clean and more accessible is essential. Avoid scented litter and pine product based alternative litters, there is no real substitute for actually maintaining the litter boxes daily. If clumpable litter is your preference and the non-scented clay based litters aren't working there is a non-scented wheat product version that seems to be most favored especially by aging cats if they're accustomed to clumpable type litter already, humans and cats seem to find it naturally less odiferous and almost sweet smelling when used. Some cats become intolerant of anything plastic based as they age, even when new and freshly washed, plastic pans especially when scratched, retain odors that the cat may smell even when seemingly well washed, even if humans don't detect the odor.

Transitioning them gradually to a new brand or type of litter is important a sudden shift or using a perfumed or scented litter and the cat will often let you know by simply not using the litter for urination.

"Tinkle Tonic" dosing a few times a week and adding a small amount of powdered cranberry to some moist food a few times a week might cure or reduce the tinkle problem with the cat if it is urinary tract issue based. Replacing plastic type litter pans sometimes necessary. Extra large catering trays made of stainless steel from a resturant supply is a cheaper alternative to veternary and kennel supply sourced litter pans.

Some of the enzyme enhanced pet urine cleaners and carpet shampoos used with extractive carpet cleaning machines might help in your cleanup efforts but nothing will completely restore cat urine soaked wood (especially carpet tack strip), carpet or padding. Once a location has been marked by any cat, the same cat or other cats tend to return to it and repeat the process, even if you cannot smell it or have tried to mask the scent cats usually can. :( . Offering them a fresh additional litter box in the marked zone until they begin using it and slowly transitioning it nearer and nearer to another litter box location sometimes helps in correcting a developed behavior problem.

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