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Need help with hidden gutters!

Hi all,

I just finished a large historic home remodeling and expansion project. The home was built in 1900 with a metal standing seam roof and hidden gutters. The original home was built by master carpenters and the hidden gutters and down spouts are perfectly placed so water doesnt pool in the gutters. I wish I could say the same thing about the new section of the house. There are sections where water pools in the gutters and makes its way through the soffits.

My roofer, who claimed to be an expert in old home metal roofs, now claims that it's never a good idea to keep hidden gutters because quality carpenters who have the time and patience to put the gutter substrate together correctly just dont exist.

To my uneducated eye it doesnt seem like rocket science. Water flows downhill. It takes the path of least resistance. It's all about creating a slight slope to direct the water and making sure that seams are flush. Is that too much to ask?

Regardless of what I think i've now been stuck with a hidden gutter system that pools water. Is there anyone out there that can help me salvage this gutter system or do I believe the roofer who claims that it impossible to build a functioning hidden gutter system in 2012?



Re: Need help with hidden gutters!

Gutters are not roofer's nor framer's specialty. You need to contact a gutter company for answers.

And yes, you can get working and functioning gutters in 2012.

Re: Need help with hidden gutters!

Hopefully they were fabricated from terne or copper, because you need to be able to solder the sections together for a proper job.
Box gutters start with the drawings, because there are limits to how much fall a given run can have; can't fall more than the thickness of the fascia, minus a couple of inches for framing + sheathing. Stuff like that. You can't extend existing runs, usually, because the outlet is already at the lowest point. I have never seen a run of box gutter over 48', and that was on a very large cornice, which you may even call monumental.
But once it has been worked out on paper, yes, building it is not hard.
Small puddles (1/8" of water over a foot or 18") owing to the metal not laying absolutely flat are not a defect, just the nature of the beast.

Re: Need help with hidden gutters!

Mine span a little over 40'. I think mine are galvanized sheetmetal.. but could zinc or similar and are soldered at the seams. I had to patch mine with pieces of aluminium flashing squares then coat the entire gutter in a heavy liquid rubber elastomeric paint. IT seems ot have worked great. I have a 1/4 or so of pooling water in a couple spots. But I don;t have any issues with that. IT dries out in a couple days.

How far off is the slope? I wonder if it's possible to build it up with some flashing then waterproof the whole thing.

Replacing them with modern gutters will take away from the appearance of the house. Integratd gutters are a real gem that really set a house apart. People that replace them rather than restore them are cheap, ignorant or don;t have any taste.

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