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Need help with Frozen Pipes

Hello and thank you all in advance

I recently insulated my moms basement, at her request, with pink insulation. Older house built in 36'.

Since then her kitchen pipes, both hot and cold water AND one copper, the other pex, have frozen three times now. The plumbing runs from basement to outside wall, vertically across sil plate, then threw a hole and finally under the sink. When I installed insulation, I put it around the pipes as best as possible.....however also put it infront of basement windows to temporarily stop drafts. I feel that the insulation has stopped air flow in basement, thus a warming effect, and has made the pipes susceptible to the cold by being so close to exterior wall/ plate. Any ideas would be great.....previously pipes had never frozen and shes been there since 70's. Thanks again


P.S. no other pipes have frozen...only these leading to kitchen sink....no cracking has occured and i have thawed them with hair dryer

Timothy Miller
Re: Need help with Frozen Pipes

Howdy, look for an air infiltration air leaking in from outside near the two pipes. if any separation caulk or spray foam it closed. We at night have one guy with a flash light shine it on the foundation and one guy inside to see if any light shows. The the sill plate area is a likely air movement point( sill plate wood sitting on top of the foundation masonry)You might want to add pipe foam insulation around these two pipes too.

Re: Need help with Frozen Pipes

Thank you very much for advice....since i know there is air flow...ill look into isolating it and applying spray foam. it seems insulation i installed is funneling the draft toward the pipes and maybe not enough warm air to balance it. Thanks again

Re: Need help with Frozen Pipes

Also, remember that insulation in the wrong places can acutally contribute to freezing of pipes--in other words, have no insulation where it will isolate the pipes from any available heat.

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