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Need help on final plumbing to new house

I built a new house on a property that had a preexisting septic. No one questioned the location of where the house was going in relationship to the septic but now I am concerned. The house and septic run north south. Septic input is on north side. Septic sits about 15 feet from the east wall to the east. Input is about 10 foot from north wall heading south. Now with the layout of the house all of our bathrooms are on the south side along with the kitchen. Does anyone think this will be a problem as what will have to happen is all the pluming run to the northeast corner then come out and go at four 22.5 angles to reach the septic. In reality its almost like a big circle to get there. Anyone ever do plumbing this way? I don't have much of a choice now as the modular and basement has already been set. Any suggestions other then buy a new septic is muchly appreciated.

Re: Need help on final plumbing to new house

Many times we bang our heads in frustration at what we witness on jobsites.

As long as you have the proper slope to the drain pipes you will be OK.

Might want to add a mid line clean out if you are feeling nervous.

Then dopeslap the plumber or whosever fault this is. :mad:

A. Spruce
Re: Need help on final plumbing to new house

In addition to what Houston said, as long as the building department has signed off on the plans and inspected everything, every step of the way, then there is nothing to worry about.

Could things be different or better, maybe, but, ultimately, it is up to the inspectors and building department, as long as they are happy, then you have nothing to worry about.

Re: Need help on final plumbing to new house

In most cases you can make a hole and tap in to any of 3 sides to a septic tank, so long as the new pipe centers the first chamber in it's placement and the old opening is permanently sealed. Ideally what you want is as direct and straight a line as possible from house to tank. But so long as the pipes aren't restricting flow and are pitched correctly that's all that really matters as far as this goes.

What may bite you later is anything that you want where those lines are like trees, driveways, patios etc, may now be un-doable. I don't know the contractor or plumber you're using but I already don't like them very much as this should not have happened this way.


Re: Need help on final plumbing to new house

if you want to do it right These are my rules when i was a plumbing inspector Normal all building sewers, Which are the drainage pipe that are outside of the house should go directly to the main municipal sewer or to the septic tank. However in presents of rocks or other similar obstacles we allow 22 1\2 degree long radius slow bends that we in the trade call bananas. You should have a clean out as the pipe goes out of the house and everly 100 feet. If you have to turn more than 22 1\2 degrees then i would demand a manhole where ever there was a change in direction.

Re: Need help on final plumbing to new house

If pipe has correct grade then you shouldn't have any problems! long way around but should work fine.

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