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Need help designing a kitchen... Software? Advice?

I am renovating an 1860s 2nd Empire with a very tricky kitchen. On the center of every wall there is either a door or a window that is too low to put cabinets in front of, there is a drain pipe in one corner and steam pipes up 2 other walls. We knocked down the fourth wall and just have a chimney in the center of that wall which may impede putting an island in the kitchen. The chimney has to stay for now.

Right now I'm thinking of putting the fridge against the chimney and squeezing what I can elsewhere. The current kitchen layout has almost no countertops or cabinets and no dishwasher and a bizarre slate sink and an oven by the chimney and a second (oil) oven as prep space.

Can anyone recommend software or resources on how to figure out this little puzzle?

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Re: Need help designing a kitchen... Software? Advice?

two things to consider.

1. get a kitchen designer or a cabinet installer in to take a look. they will have ideas that you've never thought of. don't use the people at big orange or blue/grey. go to a cabinet shop or local cabinet manufacturer, tell the sales person that you're redoing your kitchen and you need someone to come take a look to give you some ideas.

2. consider closing up one or two of your obstructions. perhaps a doorway. close up one window, change a window location or install a smaller window. most kitchens in old houses have one window and if you have more than one you might be happier to live with a better layout and more cabinets with some great lighting than 2 or 3 windows.

Re: Need help designing a kitchen... Software? Advice?

Depending on the size of the chimney, it may be possible to build and island around it. The sink may be soap stone which is highly valued, don't destroy until you know. And as stated above a cabinet maker or kitchen designer may be your best bet. I have seen cabinets installed in front of low windows with a flower well at the window.


Re: Need help designing a kitchen... Software? Advice?

Thanks for the help!

The house is historic so removing or even changing the size of a window is out. The only change we could make is to the back door (which used to be a window...) but the fiancee has ruled that out.

The chimney is dead center between the kitchen and dining room, 16"x32", and about 4' from one wall, so that rules out putting much between the chimney and the wall like a fridge or cabinet. I wanted to put a island against it but couldn't figure out where the fridge would go.

I will look into having a professional look at it.

I found software at Ikea that let me enter the measurements and move things around in 3D, I wish there was a way I could share it, or maybe there is other software where you can? Anyway, the only solution I came up with was to put the fridge against the chimney and use a small island/table in the kitchen as prep area.

Re: Need help designing a kitchen... Software? Advice?

I'm a big fan of Chief Architect's Home Designer Interiors product. You can draw the layout of your kitchen, add cabinets etc., then look at it in 3D.

Re: Need help designing a kitchen... Software? Advice?

A photo or diagram of the layout would be good. I haven't really got any advice but would love to know how you sort this in the end.

Re: Need help designing a kitchen... Software? Advice?

you may want to check in to the website named homestyler. It doesn't have the software exactly designed for a kitchen but it will surely help you.

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