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need help on best way to move radiator from one house to another and hook it up

We live in an old Tudor in Ohio and are remodeling the sun room, size 9 ft X 20 ft. We removed the electric baseboard heat and want to buy an old steam radiator. Just so happens the electrician that came to our house has a steam radiator for sale, size 5 ft. long x 18 tall x 9 in. wide. My question is how to safely move it from his house to ours? He only lives a mile or so from us. A heating installer recently told us to turn the radiator upside down and move it that way so as not to break the seals in the fins. We are in the process of getting 3 quotes to install the radiator but I was wondering if we could install it ourselves? How exactly do you install a radiator? Also, the radiator is missing the steam trap so where would we purchase one?


Re: need help on best way to move radiator from one house to another and hook it up

I have my doubts that this is a good way to get a needed radiator for your home---so many things can go wrong---you have no way of knowing if the individual seams of the radiator sections are leak-proof (not leaking), and the weight alone of these things can run several hundred pounds---it's very easy to hurt yourself by trying to carry or transport this type of item---it may be best just to hire an installer & let the installer worry about obtaining the steam trap & rad.

Damage can occur in transit; I would recommend testing the unit for air leaks before you buy by bringing along a hand-held air pump with some sealing compound for the ends (putty, etc.) and test it for several pounds psi; spray window cleaner foam along the joints to see if any leak bubbles appear.

Some thin pieces of pine wood (seconds) at Home Depot/Lowe's could be cut to size & used as an outer brace to safely transport the unit to your home if you find that the unit is not too heavy to lift & transport by car.

also touch base with: http://forum.heatinghelp.com

You can enter your message on "The Wall" concerning steam rads; also click onto Popular Tags like: Cast Iron Radiator, Steam, Strictly Steam, Steam Heating.

To obtain a steam trap consult the Yellow Pages under "Heating Equipment" (also Google "steam radiator steam trap parts" to view on-line photos & get a price range), the YP lists local shops in your area that have a distributor arrangement with large parts wholesalers like Sid Harvey, Bell Simons, RE Michel, Simon Supply & others---they used to sell only to heating contractors, but most will sell now to the homeowner & DIYr.----if one refuses to sell to you, simply move on to the next local parts store on your list.

Again, you run the risk of buying the wrong steam trap part that won't fit & you'll be stuck with an expensive item you can't return---make sure to get the "return policy" of the shop if you buy a trap locally---the same goes for the radiator itself.

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