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Ontario Lady
Need help, answer quick

We purchased some custom made solid wood doors, they were delivered unfinished and sat next to the entry door waiting for time to finish them. In the meantime it snowed out and the carpet runner they sat on got wet from melting snow off the shovel left next to them. Initially we noticed water stains, moved them from the door area and then a few days later noted the laminated cover of the doors was lifting in a few areas. Mostly along the hinged an plate area but, also the face in a couple of areas. We may be able to fix the face by covering with kick plates?

Does anyone have any similar experiences? How can this be fixed?

Re: Need help, answer quick

Ontario Lady,

Without actually seeing the door, it is difficult to give a good answer. I assume you are planning on staining these new doors and want the veneer to stay intack.

If the veneer is warping upward and you can get underneath it with glue via a glueing needle, I would try this. It will probably be neccessary to steam the area with a household iron and damp cloth to get the veneer to relax. Shoot the glue underneath the veneer and then clamp down with blocks and c-clamps. Be adviced that wood glue smeared on the surface will prevent stain from penetrating later, so try to remove any oozed out glue. Also be advised that anyplace the door got wet from the snow will also take the stain darker. To hedge against this, you might want to wet the whole door down with water.Water opens up and puckers wood grain. After it has dried, give it a light sanding with fine sandpaper to set down the puckered grain. Also give the door a coat of pre-stain sealer to help guard against uneven porousness.

Door kick panels are a good idea in any event. Be sure to get the new non-tarnishing plates. They are made of an alloy which will never dull.

You have seen a good example of why the bottom edges of doors need to be well sealed during the finishing process. The rails are end grain and will wick up any water that gets to it. Give 3 coats of good exterior varnish to both the top and bottom edges.

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