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Need fireplace retrofit education

Hi folks,

I searched the web site for an answer to this, but I didn't find what I was looking for - sorry if this is a redundant question.

I have three fireplaces in my house and I would like to better utilize them. I have a small wood stove in my bedroom that seems to not give out any heat - I can almost put my hand on it while it's burning full strength. I have a wood fireplace in the living room that looks to be wired for a blower, complete with wired venting holes above the mantel. And finally, I have a regular wood fireplace in the den but, alas, no blower holes.

Here's what I"m thinking, but I really need some advice - it's surprisingly difficult to find this stuff out on the web.

1.Wood stove - I found heat reclaimers like this (http://www.woodmanspartsplus.com/155855/products/Stove-Heat-Reclaimer.html). Is this the way to go? It's the only thing like it I could find. I'm assuming all my heat is going up the chimney, so this sounds roughly correct...

2. Living room fireplace - I think all I need are some thermostatically controlled fans/blowers that I can put in the holes over the fireplace (I'm assuming that's why they are there and the original owner just never put them in.) The holes even have AC power running to them. But what parts do I need?

3. Den fireplace - alas, this is just a hole in the wall - no ducting to pick up the heat like the living room. I'e looked at things like this (http://www.woodlanddirect.com/Fireplace-Accessories/Fireplace-Heaters-Blowers/ZC-Fireplace-Heater-5-tube-Blower) but it's a. expensive and b. ugly. Any thoughts on this?

thanks! It would be really awesome if I could switch over to wood heat this winter!
(Issaquah, Wa)

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