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Need Boulders

Can anyone advise me where I can get a 4 or 5 big rocks? I'm looking for them in the range of about 50 to 100 lbs. A neighbor keeps parking his car on my yard, just his front left wheel, and after spending a week thinking what the best idea is, it seems a few rocks would be best. I'm in the northern new jersey area.
I heard that there is a number for local forest and national park that might be able to help but I haven't been able to find a working number for them.

Re: Need Boulders

just about any landscape supply place in your area will have the rocks.

Re: Need Boulders

Other options:

- a short picket fence or similar.

- a "no parking / tow away" sign. Oh, you're in NJ...forget this one.

A. Spruce
Re: Need Boulders

Be aware that you may be liable for any damage to his vehicle by anything you place along the property line.

Having said that, any landscape supply should have the rocks you are looking for, and I would recommend 300 to 500 pounders, less likely the horses arse will be able to roll them into your yard out of "his" parking space. Another idea would be to plant a holly hedge or some other equally spiny plant that will not only attack him when he gets out of his car, but scratch the car up as well. We had some turd neighbors such as yours and the prickly bushes is the route we took.

Another good cure would be to start peeing on his car - preferably into it if he leaves the windows open, zip tie some washers to his driveline, stuff a potato down his exhaust pipe, siphon his gas, etc.

Re: Need Boulders

If you are not restricted by local codes or covenants, I would suggest a wooden fence, a split rail or picket fence will do. It sends the message and if the neighbor damages the fence, you can take him to small claims court for the damages. I had this situation once and the split rail fence did the trick and they look nice too, and they are cheaper than rocks.

Re: Need Boulders

Uh, have you tried talking to him and showing him the damage?

Re: Need Boulders

you can construct a iron barrier on that place that will give you solution by hitting the car with rock is not the solution it may cause you have penalties in court ..... you can have a talk with him and tell your problem to him

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