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Need advice on new construction

I hope this is the right place to post this topic. Please let me know if I should post on another forum or website.

We recently purchased some land in West Texas and are planning to build a home within the next two years. We are trying to decide what type of construction, modular, site-built, ready built. We even considered straw bale at one time but decided it might be too difficult to find a contractor. We are thinking about 1700 sf, 1 story with a finished basement (2 rooms).

What type of construction would you recommend?

Re: Need advice on new construction

The first thing is to check with your municipality as to what is allowed for types of housing.... this may narrow down your choices.

Your question is vague .... depends on if you are working with a tight , modest , or unlimited budget.


Re: Need advice on new construction

I agree, you need to check to see what kind of home can be built. Some places only allow certain types of construction.

I have to say for me personally I would build a brick home if I could afford it. I just prefer brick to almost any other type of construction for it's beauty, strength, and the fact it's easy to take care of. No painting, or siding required. However, it can be a bit costly. Check your budget and see what you can afford.

I also, personally, would avoid factory built homes. I looked at many of them while in search for a house to live in. None of them seemed to be in good shape. But if you have a good manufacturer, that you can trust, and has a guarantee. It might be cheaper overall.

Re: Need advice on new construction

Budget is a major factor, as is how "customized" you want the house. One thought would be to do something regional. If it is traditional to build out of clay or stone, try that. I know that in northern climates, the log look is very traditional, so many stay with that theme.

I agree -- stay away from modular unless it is right for your budget. They make them with decent quality now, but it is very hard to customize the floor plans to make them "yours".

Re: Need advice on new construction

Thank you all for your comments. I will give you a little more information.

We have no restrictions on the type of construction because we will be building on 40 acres about 20 miles from town. We currently own a brick home in town, but we are looking for something different. All the houses here are brick ranch homes. I'm ready to see something new! I really like stucco, stone and some siding. We are looking at a budget of about $120,000. We get a lot more house for the money in this area compared to other cities. Example: Our 4/2/2 Brick is valued at $120,000.

Since I posted, we are leaning towards a site-built home. I haven't been able to find any modular (not manufactured) companies in this part of Texas.


Re: Need advice on new construction

Having an on-site built home is a good way to go since it allows the opportunity for flexibility for changes to be made during construction. With that in mind you have to be cautious with changes because contractors love "change orders" which equates to more $$$$ and you can kiss your budget good bye.

You are fortunate as to little or no restrictions as to the types of homes but you still have restrictions to local building codes.

For a 1700 sq ft. home at a budget of $120,000 may be optimistic since that works out to about $71 per sq ft. which is extremely good.... typically the average is $100 or higher per sq ft. It's possible to save money having a home built from stock plans since the builder knows those well and has all the corrections and material costs already worked out.

The finishes will also be a factor for example .... stucco in this area is common and has been used for 70 or more years so it's relatively inexpensive but in another part of the country where stucco is not common it's more expensive. The reason .... in the areas that it's uncommon there are less people doing it and the materials aren't as common which means there is less competition making it more specialized and more expensive. Consider materials that are common in your area and use variations of those ... this will help with the costs.


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