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Need advice for Interior chimney

Our house is around 130 yrs old . We were planning on taking down a wall on the second floor that has an original, non functioning chimney through it. Nothing vents through this chimney; nothing has vented through it for decades and it was sealed over for decades. The chimney continues down to the basement which is a dirt floor. We had professionals come and take down the chimney to just below the roof and patch up the roof. We were going to do the work ourselves and take down the rest to the 2nd floor.

Plans have changed and we will not be taking down the wall. So we now have an open chimney inside the roof. Should we cover the opening or just leave it open? The only thing we could think of is that mice or small creatures may climb up from the dirt floor basement. Any other problems that we aren't taking into account?

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Re: Need advice for Interior chimney

moisture can travel up it from the cool basement to the hot attic, also the interior might be lined with cresolt and soot which is not only stinky and can bring odors which might enter the house by the attic and moisture. cresolt is very flamable so having the chimney unblocked open to the attic space is also a path for fire as well as a fire hazard itself. cresolt is also known for its cancer danger. there can be soot and cresolt if it was a wood burner, a coal burner, oil burner, anything that you'd need a chimney for in the first place. cap it off properly or remove it completely.

your fire department inspector, building department or a chimney sweep can give you more information, want to discuss this with your home owners insurance agent because if there is a fire in your home your insurance may not cover you if you leave things this way.

Re: Need advice for Interior chimney

thanks for the info! we'll definitely cap it

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