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Need advice on the finish carpentry field

Hi All,

Awhile back I posted a thread about changing careers to possible go into the finish carpentry field..I was just wondering how things are with the economy the way it is especially in Boston...Do you feel that I would be making a mistake at this time to go into the field...

Re: Need advice on the finish carpentry field

i work in the boston area currently as a contractor/carpenter and a real estate agent. as for changing jobs completely i might not recommend it. how about keeping your current job and slowly working your way into a new field. evenings and weekends are a good way to get your feet wet. the main reason i recommend doing things this way is to start taking jobs and getting your name out there so you can get more and more jobs. if you just quit your current job and dive right into the finish carpentry field, you'll have a very hard time working even close to 40 hours per week. i have ads in newspapers and i used to use craigslist alot and over the past 6+ months, i've barely got any leads from those sources. i've been living on referals and word of mouth lately, thankfully it's been pretty decent but from the amount of people at home centers walking up asking me if i can put them to work......i'd be careful about switching jobs, you should be very thankful you have one right now.

Re: Need advice on the finish carpentry field

I'm not sure what level your finish carpentry skills are, but listen to JKIRK and MLBSF they offer good advice. I used to be a foreman for a general contractor in Pennsylvania and when the work got slow in the winter only the top 2 men were kept working. New men were only hired during the busy season. If your skills are pretty extensive, you might want to advertise as a handyman in the newspaper and build experience and clientel. When you get to the point where your so busy that you have to choose between the two jobs, then either apply with a contractor or continue as a handyman. But, DO NOT quit your current job yet, you will probably find yourself out of work, no unemployment checks and really scratching to make ends meet. You don't want to rely on your savings account, that depletes quickly. Good luck.

Calcats ;)

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