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need advice - 1/2"" sheetrock replacing 5/8"

At work I need to install a sheet of 1/2" sheetrock to replace a 5/8" sheet. Needless to say there is a different in thickness. I was told I have to use the 1/2" sheet so I need to move it out a bit so it will match the sheets on either side. What material can I use to stick to the studs, maybe a weather stripping type material? It needs to be firm so the 1/2" sheet will not crsuh the material when I'm screwing it into place. Worst case, I suppose I can use Liquid Nail and jimmie the sheet into place until the glue dries. Thanks for any help ...


Re: need advice - 1/2"" sheetrock replacing 5/8"

Use cardboard strips, sold at Home Depot, 1-1/2" wide x 36" long x 1/8" thick, you can nail them to the studs and they will make the new drywall flush with the old.

A. Spruce
Re: need advice - 1/2"" sheetrock replacing 5/8"

Why are you required to use 1/2" where 5/8" exists? The shims and man hours required to jury rig 1/2" will far exceed the cost of a sheet of 5/8" drywall.

In lieu of sanity, the shims that dj1 suggests would be the way to go. Keep in mind, if you're hanging this in a ceiling/overhead situation, the drywall is going to start sagging in short order because it it isn't strong enough to resist it. 5/8" is made for such applications. Also important to note, if you need to maintain a certain burn rating, 1/2" isn't going to come near what 5/8" will. Make sure that your "requirement" isn't going to become a safety hazard. :cool:

Re: need advice - 1/2"" sheetrock replacing 5/8"

Thank you {:^D

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