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Need Additional Attic Insulation PLUS storage.

I live in the Northeast, and my house is 90+ years old with 6" (R19) of fiberglass insulation rolled out. I need to add another 6" of insulation, but I also *have* to use the attic for storage. I'm hoping someone has a practical solution for some sort of raised platform that will allow me to do both. Does anyone know if TOH has ever done an article or show on this? I've looked, but really can't find anything, and web searches have turned up very little. If you've got detailed instructions or links to possible solutions, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.

Re: Need Additional Attic Insulation PLUS storage.

Oddly, I'm replying to my own posting becuase I've continued to search the web and other DIY sites, and I can't find anything that discusses what I'm assuming would be a common problem in older homes. If anyone out there has a solution to how I can add additional insulation to my attic AND provide storage space (I guess i'm looking to a how-to on moveable platform boxes), I'd love to hear from you. Thanks.

Re: Need Additional Attic Insulation PLUS storage.

You could lay a sort of sleeper perpendicular to the existing rafters. They would have to be secured to the rafters, then insulate and put a plywood deck over. 2x6 at 16" or 24" o/c would get you the insulation you want. No need to do the entire attic, just where you need storage. I'll leave it to you to decide if your attic can handle the extra load.

Re: Need Additional Attic Insulation PLUS storage.

Fiberglass in ceiling doesn't do much good. There is too much air moving through it. Your best remedy is spray foam in the rafters. Perhaps you think this is self serving, but why am I making houses that have fiberglass perform so much better? Why are there so many posts from people who have fiberglass trying to solve a problem? I am a spray foam contractor in MA. Let me know if I can help. [email protected]. There are rebate programs for gas customers.

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