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Natural Stone Walkway

I created a natural stone walkway from my patio to my pool. it is uphill and curved. I dug down 9" added 1 1/2 ton of 3/4" stone 4" thick. I hand tamped the stone. I then added 1" of granulated stone and hand tamp that as well. All the stones varied in size and thickness because they were all found on my property. I now have a beautiful walkway with no idea on what to fill the joints with. I could use cement, but could take a while and be very tedious, i could use a product i heard about that comes in powder from that you put in the joints and then mist it occassionally throughout the day and it hardens like cement, i could fill them with dirt and ground covering thyme seeds, or i could listen to your suggestions since I am undecided and don't know if my second suggestion would actually work.

I don't want the stone to move or loose its form.

I am attaching a picture.

Re: Natural Stone Walkway

I've heard of a product called "Euro Grout". It is in a sand like form and you scatter it on the stone and sweep it into the joints. You then make sure it is off of all the stone (it will stick to the stone when wet)and wet all of the joints. The material gets like mortar when it dries. Check with your local landscaping store for more info. Hope this helps.

Calcats ;)

Re: Natural Stone Walkway

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