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Natural Gas Stand-By Generator


I am considering a Generac # 5870 natural gas generator. I will have it installed by my plumber and my electrician. My question is this.... Has anyone had experience with units like this and have you had good results or should I expect headaches. Lets also assume it is installed properly.


Re: Natural Gas Stand-By Generator

I don't like automatic whole house generators. Most of the time they are running they are at way less than full capacity. A neighbor has one that uses propane, during a power outage he was burning through 3 gals and hour. Even at contract prices that's over $150 a day.


Re: Natural Gas Stand-By Generator

A whole house generator using natural gas is considered to the the way to go. If there was a massive area wide power outage due to storm, sub station failure etc that would last for some time getting fuel would become a problem. Most generators are gasoline and if there was an area wide outage there would be no gas available at gas stations as they rely on electric pumps to pump gas. Propane stations would quickly run out of fuel with no guarantee of resupply as everyone with a propane grill would mob the propane stations for cooking fuel.

Natural gas supply is a huge national - actually international network with interconnected supply lines throughout the U. S., Canada and Mexico. So unless the entire continent goes dark your natural gas supply would continue. It is also fixed in place and will start automatically in case of a power failure. All main police and fire stations as well as other critical buildings have automatic natural gas generators.

Re: Natural Gas Stand-By Generator

O.K. my mind is made up and I want the natural gas stand-by generator. Would you believe in this crappy economy I can't get several contractors to come up with installation quotes. I've asked 3 electricians and 3 plumbers for quotes. They all came over and looked at the job but haven't gotten back to me after 2 weeks. I'm ready to go but it appears they aren't. Quotes from Home Depot and other generator installers are in outer space. I mean 7 to 8,000 dollars supplying the generator that I can buy delivered for $2159.

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