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Name that exterior moulding


I'm working on extending an exterior wood molding around my house but I cannot seem to find it at HD or Lowes, can anyone identify it? Its currently separating stucco top area and wood bottom area. Please see pics below.

Thank you.


A. Spruce
Re: Name that exterior moulding

That's usually called a brick mold or water table. You'll probably have to go to a real lumber yard to find it and leave the mega-stores out of the equation.

Re: Name that exterior moulding

It's a drip cap. No way of telling how far it extends back into the wall, or if it has a lip on the upper edge to form a real dam against water intrusion. Could be made easily on a tablesaw; if you wanted the drip bead cut with the core box type (concave round) profile, you would need a router table as well.

Re: Name that exterior moulding

I am not sure if this piece has a name, but it was the nosing part of a two piece window sill. Many older window sills would have a wide, flat inner sill. The nosing part would then slip in under it. I am not sure why it was done that way. Modern wooden windows have a single solid piece sill. I appears that the builder used this nosing as a horizontal dividing strip.

I agree that if you find it, it will be at a lumber yard, rather than a big box store. However, I don't think there was any industry standard for that piece. It would not be difficult to make a reasonable facsimile with a table saw. I have done it on occasion to replace a rotted sill nosing.

Re: Name that exterior moulding

That is an old window sill, the u shaped notch in the bottom is the drip lip milled into it so water cannot go back to the wall. Looks like there was an old window there and they framed in around it to a smaller window in its place.You can buy the item still in most old town lumber yards.

Re: Name that exterior moulding

yup that is a drip edge, but the squareness of it makes it look like a brick mold. the only issue with having a square drip edge is that water cant run off as easily it will just sit.most drip edge i install has a 10 degree slope on it

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