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nail holes in flooring

I just pulled up the carpet, pad, and tack-less strips from a bedroom. Underneath is an oak floor in reasonable condition. The only problem I have is that where the tack-less strips were pulled out, there are small holes in the floor, every 4-6". Many of the holes have turned black (from rusty tacks?).

So how should I handle these holes, some are as big as 1/8"? Filling the holes with wood putty, then sand and refinish the whole floor seems like a lot of work and/or expense. Any other suggestions?


Re: nail holes in flooring

There are tens, or hundreds of thousands of homes with just that situation. My current and last houses included.
Personally I have come to accept that part of the character of an old house is the fact that some maroon thought it would be a good idea to cover the finished wood floors with wall to wall carpet.
To fill the holes you could use a sawdust and glue combo from sanding your floors, or you could just sand and refinish while ignoring the holes, which is what I have seen the most of.

Will the little black marks annoy you that much?

Re: nail holes in flooring

A thorough sanding of the floor will greatly lessen the visibiity of those holes. As the previous poster suggested, a woodfiller can be made from the fine sawdust of the actual floor, helping to assure a similar color. Staining can also help lessen the visibility of the former holes.

Re: nail holes in flooring

You can drill them out and plug them; that has to be better than the black stains.

Re: nail holes in flooring

I have a rental with the similar floor, so I had the floor sanded, filled the little holes and finished. Looks good.

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