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Mystery Water

Living in the Mid-West, one is accustomed to having water in your basement on occasion, however my basement has been bone dry year round for the 3 years I've been here. There's only one place I've seen any water. In front of the water heater.
I sort my laundry on the floor in this area, and when tossing a load into the wash, I discovered some of the clothes were wet. The first time, I figured it was sweaty workout clothing, but then it happened a few months later with a load of lingerie.
The other day I was digging through some boxes stored near the heater, when I noticed water on the floor. Now the heater is in the middle of the basement, so it's not coming from leaky walls, but I could not find any dampness on any part of the heater I could touch. There's not much water, maybe a few tablespoons, but If this is a sign of impending doom, I want to know before the basement floods.
Any idea what might be causing this?

Re: Mystery Water

Ditto what asc2078 mentions.

additionally .... if you've checked the plumbing connections on top of the water heater to see if they are leaking ... there may also be leaking from the tank corroding which may be happening on the underside.

Re: Mystery Water

Thank you for all the great information! I re-inspected the tank - top and bottom - and found it must indeed be the relief valve. It was dry on the outside, but when I put a finger inside, it was damp. Obviously, the leak isn't bad, so I think the pan solution will work for me.

As an aside, I have noticed that lately this forum has been under a spam attack. Some of the posts were advertising (which was removed promptly when I contacted the site about it), and a lot of gibberish or oneupmanship from what appear to be kids who don't speak English well (I don't know why those can't be removed as well). Does anyone out there know how we could, as a group, put a stop to this? I find this forum to be a great resource, but have lately been loath to post because of this electronic graffiti.

Re: Mystery Water

odd_artist .... good stuff ... you seem to have located the source.:)

As for the spamming ... I like your description of electronic graffiti ... appropriate.:rolleyes:;)

This is an annoying issue and one that seems to have overwhelmed the administrators to control.
The admins' are relying on the users to report these and when doing so indicate that all posts for that offending user's name is junk. This way they can remove all the posts and disable that user's name.

Unfortunately as quick as they are disabled from the forum they register a new name and start all over.

Re: Mystery Water

As far as the TMP valve, make sure the water is off to the water heater so as not to flood the basement. Also, keep an eye on your water heater itself to make sure it is not leaking from old age. Process of elimination. Good luck.

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