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mystery product

Recently I helped a friend out finishing his kitchen, with the cracks in the plaster and lathe, he gave me some grey fiber glass sheets that was compressed to less than a 16th. Not a mesh. It worked great, I have looked for it and haven't found it, don't know what it is called or where I can get it. My friend got it from a contractor friend, but isn't in touch with him anymore as it was a long while ago. Anyone know what product I am talking about and where I can get it please. Thanks

Re: mystery product

I'm not sure, but I think a product used in the auto body repair business may be what you used . I believe it is used to repair fiberglass panels . The boating industry may use the similar . What it's called ? IDK.:confused:

Re: mystery product
Re: mystery product

Gizmo has the most reasonable answer.
But it could also have been a Polycarbonate sheet or a Carbon Fiber repair material which can be used on masonary walls.
But for true plaster walls or ceilings I would not recommend any of the above be used.

Re: mystery product

IIRC they make a skirting sheet that is applied over drywall in high-wear areas like hospital corridors. It's like a formica without the decorative finish layer. I'd google for phenolic impregnated sheeting.

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