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Mystery Leak Behind Wall

I have a finished basement and each time I take a shower or run the dishwasher, a small puddle of clear water appears on the basement floor and then disappears within a few hours. It appears next to a wall where my water service enters the house and I see no evidence of water anywhere else - like in the ceiling. The shower and dishwasher are located on the far side of the house from the water entry and where the puddle occurs. I presume the water is coming from behind the wall. Where do you even start looking for this kind of a leak when it means ripping off the drywall? It seems strange that a leak would occur near the main water entry and only get activated when operating the water elsewhere in the house. Any thoughts folks have would be appreciated.

Re: Mystery Leak Behind Wall

Start by cutting the drywall to gain access and to be able to tell where the leak is.

Cutting drywall doesn't have to be a disaster. The piece you cut out will go back after you finish repairing the pipe.

After removing the drywall, run a test to see where the leak is, then fix it.

Re: Mystery Leak Behind Wall

Sounds like a puzzler. I agree opening up the wall seems like the only way to figure it out. Besides repairing the drywall, you could get a access panel to cover the hole if that isn't objectional. But if a repair is needed, you may need to open up the wall more anyway

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Re: Mystery Leak Behind Wall

maybe condensation forming on the watermain? whenever you run water in the house cold water from the water line outside the house comes into the warm basement forming condensation on the pipe and it drips to the floor......probably not the issue but just another thing to rule out.

Re: Mystery Leak Behind Wall

Good thought about condensation. Some insulation on the pipe would be the answer if it is

Re: Mystery Leak Behind Wall

Since both showers and the DW take hot water -

Are these galvanized pipes? If yes, start ripping out drywall as fast as you can as its the hot water pipes that usually start bursting first.

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