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mystery leak

I have a mystery leak that keeps draining water into my furnace. While there are various copper pipes running above the unit, none seem to be leaking or showing signs that they were leaking recently. The water shows up intermittently, but doesn't seem to be tied to any specific event. Any thoughs on how to track down the culprit aside from 24hr observation until it happens again? My only suspicion so far is that it may be tied to the exhaust duct.

A. Spruce
Re: mystery leak

Sounds like a plugged condensation line (drain from unit to outside). Locate your condensation line leading from the unit to the exterior and make sure it's clear.

Blue Ridge Parkway
Re: mystery leak

my old house had furnace that add humdity with a skinny straw pipe to put water on a pad that the cold air evapirated water before it went to fan to get warm again.the pad had to be changed every yer becuase it got crusty.one year i forgot to by a new one intime and the shelf it set in and the drain tube got crusty to and cloged. this made water trikle down the floor inside and i saw puddle in the furnace under the air filter and fan! mabe you have a leak from humdity added to furnace air and forgot to change pad like i did?

Re: mystery leak

Do you have a condensing furnace-(hi Effeciency).Condensation is normal-but controling it takes an extra fitting.

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