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Mysterious pipe to backyard

I have a supply line in my basement that runs to an exterior spigot in the backyard, but also branches off to go about 2 feet below ground level and then disappears off into the backyard through my foundation. My house was built in the 1920's, with very little renovating apparent. Is there any easy/somewhat inexpensive way to find out where this goes? My only guess is at one point there was a water feature of some point in the backyard.

Thanks for any help.

Re: Mysterious pipe to backyard

Not enough information about your house and its location. It could be for an abandoned water feature, a yard hydrant, an old out building of some kind or a rental property next door. Without digging up the line or some historical research on your home it's hard to tell.

Re: Mysterious pipe to backyard

Try calling the utility companies, see if they can help!

Re: Mysterious pipe to backyard

It is worth checking out, because where I used to live, there was someone running their water line off of my neighbors water pump. They did this for years and years, using the water pump, but not paying anything, which resulted in very low water pressure for my neighbor and much more water usage.

That was probably an extreme case, but you never know, especially with older homes.

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