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mysterious pests inside

Have you ever come across a structure that contains a pest that infects people? Doctors haven’t taken us seriously and exterminators said we don't have an insect problem. Whatever it is has caused our health to suffer to the point of my wife being disabled and my not being able to work.

We bought a 100+ yr old home near Seattle, WA 4 yrs ago in which to operate a bed and breakfast. During cleanup of the interior, my wife found evidence of fur-balls, feathers, and bird seed on the floors. Neighbors told us that the previous residents had sick cats and birds. The literature indicates that some parasites that infect cats and birds could infect humans. She was unaware of this during cleanup and wore no protective gear. I mention this only as a clue as to what may be going on.

The floors seem to harbor something that appears to be a tiny curled hair that can enter human skin. We've both experienced this, despite how absurd that sounds. An entomologist told us that all the specimens we'd submitted were human hair and assorted debris. We’ve eliminated the more common suspect pests like bedbugs, mites, lice, or fleas.There are many more details that could be provided, but this is as brief as I could be. Sincere help would be greatly appreciated.

A. Spruce
Re: mysterious pests inside

The only thing I can offer is that if you suspect that this is an interspecies toxin, that you consult with a bird and feline specialist and learn what specific pathogens can be passed between birds, cats, and humans. They may also be able to tell you how to take samples and where to take them for testing. Once you've got that, consult with a physician and ask for the specific tests that will indicate whether those pathogens are in your systems or not.

Until further confirmation can be made and you believe that the house is the cause of your ills, GET OUT!! Living in a toxic home until someone else can confirm your suspicions is only hurting you. If you leave and get better, then you know for yourself that it's the house and not psychosomatic. If the home truly is the problem and the health effects are as severe as you indicate, leaving for only a short period of time should relieve the side affects of a toxic environment. Stay in a hotel, with family, or friends for a week or two and see if you have any noticeable differences.

Re: mysterious pests inside

How about mold? It could be in the walls & you're not aware of it.
I think moving out for a period of time to see if the symptoms abate is a good idea. If they do then there is the probability of an ongoing toxin effecting you.
Did you coincidently contract Lyme disease after the move?

Re: mysterious pests inside

She was unaware of this during cleanup and wore no protective gear. I mention this only as a clue as to what may be going on.

I would agree with the other responces.
If she wasn't wearing protective gear during demolition she may have been exposed to mold or other things she may be sensitive to.

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