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My shower stall leaks at the door gasket.

This shower came with the house and the previous owner was kind enough to paint it white. It leaked at the bottom and what I found was the outside gasket had a one-eight inch gap in it and the water was coming out at this point. I got a new gasket an it still leaked but it was leaking behind an L shaped ledge the gasket was connected to. And it might have been only leaking from this place from the beginning, but I am not sure. I removed the ledge and found it was attached by double sided tape. Where it was leaking the taped was not sticky and had mold growing on it. I cleaned it up real nice and caulked it. I then reattached it with screws and caulked them up as well. I lowered the ledge which lowered the gasket for a better seal. Now what is happening is when I close the door the gasket ends up on the in and outside of the door. This creates a ripple and the water travels along the ripple and out of the shower. The ripple is right in front of the hinge in the picture. I have looked for pictures and diagrams to figure out what it is supposed to look like and cannot find it any where. Also went to the home stores hoping to find a similar system to mine but they all are not similar enough to mine to help out. I do not know the brand and cannot find any markings on the stall or doors which would state make or model.

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