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My poor shower

We just bought a home that was built in 2005 by Adams Homes in Florida.

The finishing are not great.

The shower is a drop in and the shower head comes from the wall that is not protected by anything but paint.

It does not have tile or rubber just paint.

I am worried about mold and moisture getting behind the wall.

Is there any sealant paint that can be used on the wall or can tiles be put up and around the shower to protect it from the moisture?:confused:

Please help!! I have a very serious respiratory condition and can not have any mole in my home.

Thank you

Re: My poor shower

You're not in the best position here but there is something you can do to help stave off water damage;

1- Properly coat the walls above the shower stall with Hydroban, Hydro Barrier or Redguard. Do this in the area you want covered by tile.
2- Tile over that area.
3- use 100% silicone in the gap between the bottom row of tile and the top of the plastic shower unit.
4- Use 100% silicone to seal the hole between the tile and the shower arm.
5- Replace escutcheon
6- Grout and seal as usual.

Re: My poor shower


I have a similar shower in my home and have had no problems with water damage after five years in the house. Assuming that you only have "contractor's grade" paint in your home, I would prime the painted wall over the fiberglas stall and then top coat with a premium grade finish coat of at least a satin sheen, preferably a semi-gloss. The most important detail is to caulk where the drywall meets the top edge of the fiberglas stall. Unfortunately, these fiberglas stalls are always too low and water can splash up onto the ledge. If water is allowed stand in contact with the painted wall, it will eventually fail. The bead of silicon caulk will go up just high enough to prevent this contact with the bottom edge of the drywall, where it would wick up into the wall. Most silicon caulks are not paintable, but there is one version from GE which is.

I don't like the tile solution over the fiberglas because, to me, it looks like a tacked on, half-assed solution. As stated, my treatment is holding after five years. In the long run, I plan to do a major remodel of the bath and replace the fiberglas stall with ceramic tile. Naturally, the ceramic would go much higher than the existing fiberglas. The fiberglas stall is actually fairly practical, but aesthetically, does not have much elan.

AS to mold concerns, if you have not had mold til now, you probably will not. Make sure you do not paint over active mildew.
All premium paints and primers will have a mildecide in them to retard mildew growth. A good functioning bath exhaust fan is very important. Building codes now call for exhaust fans in all baths having bathtubs/showers, whether there is a window or not.

Re: My poor shower

Thank you so much.

Your advice is sound.

I will take yor sugestion and get that Satin paint or the simi gloss and just go over that area.

Thanks :)

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