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Re: My new old house
keith3267 wrote:

For the room where the water was/is stored, treat the wood surfaces with a sodium borate solution such as Timbor or Boracare. Either of these products will kill mold and fungus, drive out termites, borers beetles and other insects. If you have or suspect wood boring worms, spray first with a BT spray to kill the worms and make the wood toxic to them, it is not toxic to humans but you don't want to breath it while spraying.

Thanks Great Advise! Is the timbor and boracare safe to apply?

Re: My new old house

It is relatively harmless to humans. You can apply it with a large paintbrush or spray it on with a garden sprayer. The Boracare is a little more toxic to people as it contains ethylene glycol (antifreeze) so you don't want to inhale too much of the mist. Wear a paint mask or respirator and don't do it around children. Once it soaks in, it should be OK.

Timbor comes as a powder and can be mixed with either antifreeze or water. Antifreeze increases its mold killing ability, but mixing it with water does make it less toxic if you have small children that might "mouth" the wood. You can paint over the wood after it is treated.

The sodium borate itself is a mix of 2 parts boric acid to three parts Borax (good ole 20 Mule Team), you can mix up your own from Roach Powder (98% Boric acid) and 20 Mule Team Borax (laundry additive). You have to mix it into boiling water or antifreeze at 280° so if you use the antifreeze, I recommend that you use a camp stove outdoors and an old pot. Mix about 1.5 lbs borates per gallon of water. If using antifreeze, mix 3-4 lbs of borates with one gallon of antifreeze, then cut with one or two gallons of water.


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