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My minimal bath: Six feet of fixtures and a door

My house was built in 1920. The second floor walls don't line up with the downstairs walls. I suspect that the second floor was all open at one time. When they put in the bathroom, they put up a plumbing wall (south) behind the dining room wall. They put the 54” bathtub along the outside (west) wall, under a window (because there was no air-conditioning?) then they put the toilet right next to it, then the put the sink right next to the toilet and they put the door next to the sink, and the wall (east) thirty inches from the sink, just enough to swing the door open. I have six feet of solid fixtures plus a door. They slapped an interior wall (north) against the bathtub. So I have a 54 by 104” bathroom. Longer than a five by seven bathroom because of the door. They did put in storage. They crammed a 24 by 16” floor to ceiling cupboard across from the door.

My chief complaint is that the sink is only 29 inches high. Either the homeowner was a midget or they ran out of pipe. But since then three bedrooms have been framed in upstairs. Now the bathroom occupies the southwest corner of a 11 by 13 foot space. This leaves an l-shaped “office” with a door just east of the bathroom. I would like to have a second sink, and a walk in shower, maybe a wetroom, that is a tiled area with a shower curtain that hangs from a track in the ceiling.

My first question is has anyone seen this configuration before?

The main question is what are my options? Can I extend the plumbing wall to the east? The joists run north-south, can I run pipes ninety degrees from the plumbing wall and put in fixtures along the east wall? Or along the north side of the house? Or along new interior walls?

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