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My Major Rehabilitation

Well its been over 3 years since I started this project. I bought the house in 2002 knowing that it needed some work. I live there for a few years and started what I thought was going to be just a remodel. Well after tearing into the house we found tons of rot, both the 1st and 2nd floor joists were well under sized, and to boot the ceiling height was only 6'6. So I decided to do a lot more than I planed to do. We pretty much demoed everything except for the exterior walls. In then end those pretty much had to be restructured as well. About the only thing that was not restructured was the rafters and roof decking.

Anyway we Jacked up the house 10" to replace the rotted sills and replace the undersized first floor structure. The exterior walls were not sitting on the foundation so we had to jack it up that much to get the new floor under the walls. Then restructured the first floor walls to replace rot, and to structure the new windows and doors. In the process we put on plywood sheathing as there was no sheathing on the first floor. The original clapboards were nailed right to the studs.

We then took out the 2nd floor joists which were let into a beam that ran around the perimeter of the house. They were way under sized as it appears that the house was a one story house that someone added a second floor to. So they were actually just ceiling joists that a floor was added to. Since they were let into the beam the ceiling height on the first floor was only 6'6". So we structured the 2nd floor joists on top of the beam and along with jacking up the house were able to achieve 7'6" of ceiling height.

After getting the first floor straightened out we cut the 2nd floor off and jacked it up 18" to get more head room. It is a cape so the ceilings are still sloped but at the center of the room we achieved 7'6" the same as the first floor. We used cables across the center of the house to keep the walls from bowing out while we had everything torn apart. After we had the house jacked up we sistered new studs onto the old studs. Of course the old studs were actual 2x4's so we had to rip down 2x6's to 4 inches wide to fill in the space.

Once the Second floor was jacked up we did the roof to start getting everything water tight. (By the way shoveling snow out of the house after it blew in through the openings in the walls is not fun). Then finished sheathing the outside and put on Tyvek to keep things dry and then installed windows and doors.

I then started on wiring, and my father and uncle did the rough plumbing. Once that was all set I built the garage and then had a company come in and do the spray foam insulation.

We then did the siding and trim work on the house which is all cedar. I plan on cleaning and staining and painting everything in the spring. And then need to put on gutters to keep the siding clean.

After the insulation went in my father, his friend, and I put in the radiant floor heating. We then hung the blue board and I had someone come in and plaster. Then came paint and hanging interior doors. After the doors were stained I tackled the floors putting down Santos Mahogany engineered floors through out the house and tiles in the 1-1/2 baths.

Trim Work came next which is all pine stained with cherry stain. Putting in all the switches, outlets, and light fixtures was in there at different points too. Now I'm in the process of building and finishing the cabinets. I pretty much just have to finish making the kitchen doors, and a medicine cabinet for the full bath.

So through the whole process there has been a lot of blood, sweat, tears, hard work, and a few good laughs. I had my house broken into and all my tools stolen, then they came back a week later and stole my trailer and gas grill, none of the stuff to ever be seen again. Almost lost my left thumb which I'm dealing with now. But in the end it has been pretty much worth it.

There are a ton of pictures so I have broken them down into different albums. May take a while to look at them all but it has been a process that most people would not even begin to think about tackling.

Hope you enjoy


House Before



Jacking Up 2nd Floor

Blue Board


Paint, Flooring, Lighting




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