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Is my hot water heater finished?

Moved into our house about a year ago. Seller said the moisture ring around the hot water heater was condensation and was normal. Now it has gotten worse. It has spread, traveling under the wall to damage part of the ajoining finished room. Rust has also formed at the seam where the main portion of the tank and the base join. It's from that joint, not the pressure relief valve, like friends have said, where the water seems to originate from. Could this be the end? Also, should a hot water heater be sitting directly on the concrete slab?

Re: Is my hot water heater finished?

It sounds like the tank is leaking which means a replacement. I never set a tank directly on a concrete floor, however it is only the jacket that would be in contact not the tank.


Re: Is my hot water heater finished?

There is no remedy for a tank leak or internal rust, the w/h must go. With price of water heaters on the rise, and all the damage you described, you could hold your seller responsible.
In CA, if the w/h is located in the garage, it must be off the slab. The reason: whatever people store in their garages may have vapors and fumes that can ignite.

Re: Is my hot water heater finished?

Thanks for the help. i've been pricing out new hot water heaters, fearing the worst. my hunch seems correct.

Re: Is my hot water heater finished?

When replacing the HWH remember to flush all the lines and remove the strainers from the faucets to let all the gunk out of the lines which gets disturbed when doing plumbing.

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