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In my dreams...

Since I'm only a "part-time truck driver", that means that hubby is the full-time truck driver since we own the truck. I'm lucky if I get to see him one or two days a week, and he's certainly not going to spend his "off time" doing all of my "honey-do" things. So that leaves me, myself, and two teen-aged boys to do the "to do list" ... which basically means it leaves me, myself, and I to do the "to do list". Haha! So, on that note ...

We "adopted" (assumed the mortgage on) my mother's home after her death 3.5 years ago. My mother was widowed the last several years of her life, and she was never one to do home maintenance -- ever. So, basically, for the last 10 years or so this house has had no maintenance done on it. Unless, of course, my mother hired someone to come fix it. On a fixed income, that's a little tough to do with every project and problem. So, we've spent the last couple of years fixing up some of the more major problems, and are starting to address the "some day" projects. So, my "honey-do" list looks something like this:

I would like to re-seed the naked areas in the yard, front and back. I would like to put in a stone pathway of some sort from the front porch, down the slope, to the driveway ... so that the mailman and the kids will quit making naked spots in the yard!

I would like re-do the backyard fence line, and figure out a way to keep the world's smartest-dumb dogs (or dumbest-smart dogs!) in the backyard. I have a Pug/Boston Terrier mix that is Houdini on four-legs, and the other two (a Chihuahua-mix and a Pomeranian) aren't smart enough not to follow him out of the yard!

I would like to break-out the rest of the concrete apron that used to go around the in-ground swimming pool that hasn't been in the backyard since my mother bought the house more than 10 years ago! Of course, fill in the now naked area with some top soil, and seed it to cover the bare spots.

I would like to re-do the window treatments in the hot-tub enclosure which is basically a room made up of sliding glass doors with a roof on top. The metal and vinyl vertical blinds that my mother had installed have rusted and frozen into place from the high moisture environment. Consequently, some of the slats have broken off from trying to open/move the vertical blinds. I have a picture in my head of sewing some "roll-up" curtains, mounting them on long (hand-made) dowel rods, and fashioning some sort of pulley mechanism to make them roll up and down. The sewing part is the easy part, and I could have that handled in a couple of days -- given that no other "emergencies of life" pop-up.

I would like to re-do the basement, which was only moderately finished out sometime in the 1970's. Dark paneling and a stick-on linoleum floor, with "recycled" carpet from the upstairs laid over the tile with double-sided carpet tape! As part of "re-doing" the basement, I would like to investigate (with the help of a professional!) whether or not the fireplace-looking thing down there is really a fireplace or not. I believe, at one point, it had a gas-log of some sort if the capped-off gas line running down the INSIDE (the visible side) of the paneling is any indication. Figure out, with the help of the professional) whether the venting for said fireplace-looking thing that comes out underneath a massive wooden deck is safe and usable.

I would like to insulate the garage, including the wall between the aforementioned basement area and the garage so that the basement is usable in the wintertime. 50-degrees isn't warm enough to encourage men and boys to brave the basement to utilize the big-screen TV and game systems! As part of insulating the garage, I would also like to replace the old, heavy wood garage doors with lighter, insulated garage doors.

In the aforementioned garage, I would like to frame-out a "room" of some sort around the washer and dryer area which includes the furnace and hot water heater. I think that with some insulation, a "room" and some TLC ... the furnace and hot water heater would run more efficiently than with them standing in an uninsulated, 50-degree garage!

I would like to investigate (probably with the help of another professional) the possibility of having insulation blown into the ceiling and walls of the upstairs portions of the house. It is a mid-60s, brick ranch house, and I'm sure the insulation hasn't been addressed since they started laying bricks and mortar! Needless to say, in the heat of the summer, the non-climate-controlled areas of the house (like the pantry and inside kitchen cabinets) just radiate the heat off the bricks. Conversely, in the winter time, the cold area just rolls out of these area whenever you open a cabinet door or get into the pantry closet.

I would like to demolish and re-build the lean-to storage shed that is draped on the back of the house, next to the hot-tub "room". The outside wall of the garage is the back-wall of the storage shed, the other three walls were built of "who-knows-what", and then it was sided with vinyl siding to make it look like it should fit in with the rest of the house. Then this whole arrangement was roofed, sort of, with shingles and no gutter ... but there's no flashing between the concrete wall of the garage and the storage shed roof which allows for leaks and the consequential damage to the storage shed. Over the course of the last 2 years, the door to this storage shed (which was too big to begin with) has almost completely disintegrated, and it's only being held together with the hinges and the vinyl siding! Needless to say, this project needs to be attended to -- one way or another.

In my "spare time", I would like to do some landscaping and/or un-do the landscaping choices that previous owners (including my mother) made. Prickly, scrawny little bushes in rock beds around the front of the house are NOT attractive! The rest of the front yard is as boring as the red-brick front of a 1960's brick ranch!

I would like to investigate (yes, another profession -- or several of them!) the possibility of adding a covered porch to the front of this boring, 1960's brick ranch house. Not sure of the style, just that I like a covered front porch with railings and such!

If all the other projects get done, and we're not in the poor-house by then, I would like to investigate the possibility of upgrading the kitchen and main bathroom. The kitchen isn't as bad as the bathroom, I believe it has been upgrade sometime in the last 40 years ... but it could use some TLC and new countertops! The main bathroom, however, looks like something out of the 'Brady Bunch' with tiny tiles in various colors all over the floor, and 4-inch WHITE tiles running up the walls to about the 4-foot level -- except, of course, for the shower enclosure which is tiled to within about a foot of the ceiling. All of this WHITE tile, is capped of with a dark green "border" tile. The vanity is way over-sized for the space, but it only has one sink. The countertop on the vanity is more of the dark green. The walls have some kind of hideous, vine-covered wallpaper that is beginning to peel at the edges and seams. The faucet and light fixture have been changed out in a half-hearted attempt to "upgrade" the space. I believe a complete demo is in order, and rebuild it (probably with the help of another professional) so that the space flows better and looks better.

So, if hubby would like to help, I would take it.:rolleyes: If the teen-aged boys would like to help, I'd take it.:rolleyes: If I hit the lottery! :eek: Or if somebody wants to volunteer to be my "honey", I've been told that I'm a good cook! LOL! :D

Re: In my dreams...

It sounds like you have this year pretty well assigned out. What are you going to do next year?:eek:

Re: In my dreams...

Oh, you are such a sweet person! Good luck!!

Re: In my dreams...

To help you keep your sanity, you should carefully plan this out. Stuff that needs to be done at a certain time of the year should be planned out on your calendar first. For the other stuff, figure out what makes sense to do first. For example, it will make more sense to break out the concrete before reseeding. It might make sense to do some of the insulation before or at the same time you remodel the basement, but probably not after (since you might end up tearing out new drywall). Plan to do the indoor stuff for winter or rainy days.

Figure out how much each thing is going to cost before you jump in. Pace your projects based on available cash; debt should be avoided. Your marriage is already under stress (with the Mr. being gone so much); you don't want to add to that with a large credit card bill.

When you finish a major project, don't jump into the next one right away. At least take a weekend off and haul the family somewhere they can get their mind off of work and projects.

You can do this, but do it wisely so you don't get burned out. Remember, this is "home improvement" not "house improvement," and what makes a house a home is family.

Re: In my dreams...

Well wishes to you

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