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Is this my doorbell transformer?!

Hello everyone! I just bought a house from 1952. I installed a new doorbell, which I assume is the incorrect voltage for my doorbell transformer.

First question: Is this my doorbell transformer???


If it is, I would like to replace it with a new one. It is the only thing I can find which resembles one. When I ring my doorbell, the chime is barely tapped by the metal bars inside the unit... but both my front and rear bells are "working". Any advice would be great! (and no, I am not buying a wireless one)


Re: Is this my doorbell transformer?!

Looks like one to me.

Before replacing I'd test with a voltmeter to see if the unit is working or the wire is at fault or the doorbell itself.

Re: Is this my doorbell transformer?!

Get a replacement transformer that fits your unit. The installation is fairly simple if you know basic wiring.

Re: Is this my doorbell transformer?!

Easy test. Disconnect the wires from the transformer and see if your doorbell behaves differently. If the doorbell doesn't work at all, that's the transformer.

If replacing the transformer (with one of the proper voltage for your doorbell) doesn't fix things, there may be a problem with the wiring or the button.

Re: Is this my doorbell transformer?!

Thanks so much everyone!! I'll give it a whirl tomorrow. Much appreciated.

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