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Sue Marie
My Bathtub (an old claw foot)

I have an old claw foot bath tub. It was the tub that my grandparents had in their home right after they were married. Since it is very very old I am concerned about safety issues using it in my home.

Can anyone tell me what I should be concerned with?

How should I test for lead?

How do I re finish it to make it safe?

Any other suggestions?


A. Spruce
Re: My Bathtub (an old claw foot)

If it isn't covered in rust, then there is likely little wrong with it.

A refinishing company can put a new finish on it for a few hundred dollars.

Lead? I have not heard of this being an issue with tubs, though if it was painted by your grandparents I suppose it's possible.

Sue Marie
Re: My Bathtub (an old claw foot)

Thank you. There is no rust. It needs a foot...but that is okay...and I need a faucet. thank you...I will look for a company to refinish it and I hope to enjoy for years to come like my grandparents did!

Re: My Bathtub (an old claw foot)

The faucet will not be cheap, but it is worth it to buy a good one. My claw foot tub has a cheaper faucet from home de-pot and the quality of construction and finish disappoints me.

Sue Marie
Re: My Bathtub (an old claw foot)

Good advice. Thank you. Sue

Re: My Bathtub (an old claw foot)

Get your bathtub refinished. Many companies will ask you to get it replaced, but with refinishing your issue can be resolved.

Please read below article. I think it will help

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